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Navigating Microsoft Teams

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Navigating Teams

  • Activity: This is where you will get notifications about announcements, new assignments, messages, and others.

  • Chat: This is where you can send and receive messages to and from your teacher and classmates.

  • Teams: This is where you access all the teams you are a part of. Here you will complete assignments, join class meetings, and have access to your class notebook.

  • Calendar: This is where you can view all upcoming assignments and meetings. You have the option. You can switch between a day, week, or month view using the menu located in the top right corner below the New Meeting button.

  • Calls: Stay in touch with your teacher and other students. Since you can meet with your teacher and classmates through meetings, this feature is disabled.

  • Files: This is where you can access all of your Team files and find your saved files in your OneDrive. You can download, edit, and collaborate on assignments through the Files tab.


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