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Uploading Files on Teams

Video Tutorial

Attach a File in a Message Post

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and select a team to send a file to.

  2. In a channel, under a message box, select Attach files. Select how you want to attach it:

    1. Recent: Attach recent files.

    2. Browse Teams and Channels: Attach files from a team or channel.

    3. OneDrive: Select single or multiple files from a OneDrive for Business account.

    4. Upload from my computer: Upload files from your device.

  3. Select a file > Open.

  4. If you'd like, add a message and @mention someone in your post.

  5. Select Send.


Upload a file to the Files tab

Every channel has a Files tab. You'll find everything that's been shared there.

  1. Select Upload > Files or Folder.

  2. Choose your files.

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