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Completing Assignments on Teams

Video Tutorial

Viewing Assignments in Teams

  1. Open Microsoft Teams. For help logging into Teams, click here.

  2. On the left sidebar, select Teams.

  3. Click on your classroom team.

  4. Go to Assignments and click View Assignment to open the assignment you want to work on.

Turning in Assignments in Team

  1. Open the assignment you want to work on.

  2. Read the instructions and complete the assignment.

  3. Once you are finished, close out of the assignment. It will automatically save your work.

    1. Upload a file: Click on +Add Work to upload an assignment.

  4. Click Turn In to submit the assignment.

Assignments: Here you can find your student’s upcoming and completed assignments. Click on an assignment to view it.

  1. Posts: Students can send messages to the teacher and to each other. It will also display any new assignments the teacher posts.

    1. Files: Teachers will have important documents included in the “Files” section such as class materials and worksheets.

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